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Geo Knight 12" x 14" JetPress14 Heat Press The Geo Knight JetPress machines are a heavy duty line of low-cost, economical swing away heat presses. Intended for start-ups, home use, and noncommercial, hobby-oriented transfer printing, the JetPress machines are ideal for ink-jet, bubble-jet, laser, copier, and sublimation iron-on transfer paper users seeking professional quality imprinting results, without the costs associated with commercial press equipment. The JetPress heat presses feature a digital countdown timer, adjustable temperature control and temperature readout, and adjustable pressure. These presses apply several hundred pounds of clamping force with little operator effort, at much better pressure and temperature a hand iron can deliver, at a fraction of the time. Features: 12" x 14" Heat Platen Digital Countdown Timer with Alarm Adjustable height for items over 1" thick Adjustable Temperature control Accurate Temperature gauge Industrial style clamping & locking pressure with minimal operator effort Smooth swing away style action Solid steel welded frame Silicone pad pressing surface Heating indicator light Modular cord & plug One Year Warranty Specifications: Weight: 65 lbs Electrical: 1200W / 10A / 120V Dimensions: 25"L x 16"W x 24"H

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   Created: 2020-11-21

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