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2019 ORBEA TERRA M30-D BIKE The Orbea Terra M30-D is a cross bike that can perform on the road or off the beaten path with equal confidence. It is the very close relative of the M31-D with the same price tag but features different components to give you more options. The M30-D is heavier on Shimao parts as opposed to the SRAM components on the M31-D. The MyO option for this bike allows you to customize the color, components, ergonomics, and riding position to perfectly suit all your needs. With the ability to build your ideal bike, you will have the perfect companion to take on varied terrain at a great price. Orbea came up with a brilliant frame design to create a high-performance cross bike. It is built with a wider wheel base to keep its rider stable off the road. A higher riding position is also incorporated for a more comfortable feel that also suits entry level riders. The frame of the M30-D is built with a lower grade of carbon than the M10 and M20 to keep the price down but still have a low weight, so you can climb hills alongside traditional road bikes. Extended fork legs allow for 40c tire clearance, vibration absorption, and torsional stiffness for the perfect combination of speed and versatility. Orbea Monocoque Performance (OMP) adds high-strength fibers to the construction of the bike to improve its stiffness and power transfer at a low weight. This helps maximize the pedaling efficiency of your gravel bike. Alternatively, if you slap a pair of thinner road wheels on this bike, it will feel very similar to a standard road bike and take full advantage of this speed potential on a smooth surface. Cyclocross is always an opportunity on the Terra which can hit high speeds on dirt and gravel. The Orbea Terra M30-D offers top of the line compliance in a cross bike that can do it all from fast riding on the road to adventures on the trails or gravel. With clearance for 40c wheels, there is a huge range of surfaces that you can ride on without any sacrifice to your overall performance. Extended frame features and a higher riding position give you all the comfort you could possibly ask for in your off-road adventures. The Orbea Terra M30-D is exactly what a cross bike or gravel bike is supposed to be. It can keep up with its faster counterparts on the road but still retains some almost mountain bike-like qualities. A wide range of tire and fitting options will help you tailor this bike for whatever surface you happen to be riding on a particular day. The Orbea Terra M30-D is a well-priced option that gives you a ton of riding freedom to cover all your cycling adventures.

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